New York Times Bestsellers pdf


New York Times Bestsellers pdf Free Download

The stories bestsellers from the weeks time of NovĀ  25 to the weeks time of Dec 23, 2012 (Excluding guides that have been on Top Suppliers record for a while).

As Regular I have tried to consist of all the past guides for any Top seller guide that is aspect of a sequence.

Even though Nonfiction is losing a few headings from the bestsellers record. there is still a lot of nonfiction here to fulfill any devoted or informal Nonfiction audience.

I have involved some of the stories and nonfiction guides that were asked for and included some additional guides as well.

Note: When I create the Bestsellers Selection, I add guides from the Top 15 guides of each week’s List and from “Also Selling” aspect of the New You are able to Periods Bestsellers record.

If You don’t see a particular guide that reveals up on the NYT Fiction record from the weeks time of Nov 25 to Dec 23 but is not involved in this bittorrent, That most likely indicates it is aspect of a past NYT Bestsellers Torrent and already submitted by me.


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